About Us

The Life Ring Foundation

The Life Ring Foundation is a direct impact 501{c}3 public charity. We operate with a fraction of the administrative and infrastructure expenses of other comparable public charities. We pride ourselves on constructing the shortest distances possible between means and needs. Life Ring was founded by Jessica and Kelly Woolwine out of genuine passion to make Southwest Virginia a happier and healthier place even if it happens one person at a time. Through journey and experience, the primary focus of the foundation today, is the awareness, care, cure, and treatment of childhood cancer. We have not abandoned our roots in general health, community and social causes. Though our current budget addresses those areas and more, we hope you will join us in helping more kids and families win the war on childhood cancer.

Whether partnering with other charities or driving our own projects, Life Ring is committed to having a direct impact on the lives of those who need us most. We put hundreds of Christmas presents under the tree, feed the hungry and help kids fight cancer. In addition, we stay busy helping to teach our community’s children to read while helping provide a safe haven for our community’s victims of domestic violence.

We challenge you to learn more about us and, more importantly, to help us help our community. Look more closely at us and you will find us hard at work helping to educate, protect, maintain well-being and cure kids’ cancer. If you believe in and love your community as much as we do, if you want to help kids win the war against cancer, then let us show you what we are doing to help. Let us convince you to help us help them. Together with you, and our other partners, we hope to play a strong role in helping the Roanoke Valley and the surrounding areas reach the incredible potential they have.

Our Mission:

“The Life Ring Foundation is rooted first and foremost in a true love for southwest Virginia, particularly the Roanoke Valley. We want to give back to the place that helped shape us into who we are today. We believe there is no wiser investment than to the health and well-being of the next generation. Stronger, healthier and happier citizens will help us make sure that our Valley is a place we will be proud of for generations to come.”

-Jessica and Kelly Woolwine

About Us