On behalf of the Woolwine family, The Life Ring Foundation and the Unicorn Warrior Princess Charlotte, we wanted to bring you the following message/update…

First of all, our family will never be able to express the deep and profound appreciation we have for all of you and our community at large for the way you lifted us up and carried us through the darkest, scariest days of our lives. Whether a dollar donated, a stuffed unicorn sent, a text letting us know you were thinking of us or post on the Team Charlotte page, rest assured the smallest gesture was gargantuan for us.

One of the biggest gestures of all was the Charlotte Rally held at Soaring Ridge Brewery a year ago today. The showing, passion and generosity there that night moved us to tears. We know Kerry Hurley is an awesome MC and we’re sure the Thrillbillyz put on one whale of a show! The people who organized it, sponsored it and donated so generously of their time and resources are too numerous to mention…but WE know who you are!

We are proud to share with you that this past week, we gave every penny of the $30,000 raised that night to further the research efforts toward curing and treating Hepatoblastoma, the wretched, devil of a disease that Charlotte and so many other children have battled. Dr. James Geller and Dr Gregory Tiao are currently leading the way in the treatment of Hepatoblastoma and also apply their passion to their laboratory research work in regards to Hepatoblastoma. On February 27th, 2020 we presented Cincinnati Children’s Hospital a $30,000 check to be specifically used for ongoing Hepatoblastoma research in Dr Geller’s lab.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey and part of “the solution”. Only research and development will cure the horrific tragedy that is pediatric cancer. Research and development won’t happen without us. This check presentation is only the tip of the sword for our family and for the LifeRing Foundation. We hope you will continue to fight with us!

Thank you!!!!

Jessica, Kelly, Foxx and The Unicorn Warrior Princess Charlotte